Best Online Casinos Website Designs

By | 3 May 2018

It is easy to find casinos online now, but what isn’t always easy, however, is finding online local casinos that have a website that is not boring or complicated to use while also offering great bonuses such as the Novomatic welcome bonus.

Some are even a combination of the two. The success of any online business depends largely on having a well-designed website, not necessarily exotic or anything like that but which cover all the basics quite well and still remains very attractive.

For casino website designs most of the brilliant website publishers out there understand the importance of successfully re-creating a website that has the feel and look of the real-life mud-and-brick casinos using well-instructed graphics and aesthetic skills.

It’s also vital that the website finds a balance between the User experience and the website’s functionality  – too much graphics could become overwhelming especially to users new to the site.

Here are some things to look out for in the best casinos online designs.

Simple and Scannable

A quick scan of a great casino website by any user should be enough to tell “what is where.” Users should find it easy to acquaint themselves with all the products and services that the website offers as soon as they arrive on the landing page.

New users should be able to find where to claim their bonuses such as the Novomatic welcome bonus among other things that must be easily located on a good casino website. Use of hard to understand casino jargons could be a big turn-off on any casino website.

Ensure that the navigation panels are well-placed, easily accessible, and not getting in the way of the user. Remember, to eliminate features that are not crucial to an optimal user experience.

Prominent Call To Action

Every copy on the site has a purpose, it’s either you want the user to open an account, download a game, or test out the games on offer, whatever goal you intend to reach with your website copy, the user can’t take the appropriate action unless you tell them.

Here’s where a bold, clear call to action is needed. It directs the visitor on what next to do. However, it’s important, to make sure the CTA isn’t obstructive and hampering on the user experience.

Also, using a dynamic phrase or verb with a clickable and friendly action button the website should be able to engage users easily.

Includes a Search Box

A great casino website must have an easy to locate search box that will make it easier for users to search through the rich and diverse content of the site this is another great way to enhance user experience.

Websites that also include news and blogs on-site usually rank well with SEO and should thus be integrated into the website design.

For the web developer working on a casino design, all these and more are factors to consider when working on a client’s project.

For more inspiration for your design project, check out these websites that offer great premium templates. Bear in mind that these websites offer some of the best casino-themes you’ll find out there.

So, they include: Monte Carlo, Casino Helsinki, Manila City of Dreams, Adelaide casino, Trilenium Casino, Casino Canberra, Palace casinos, Crown Melbourne, Great Blue Heron, Casino Rodos, among others. All these casinos display an inspiring well-designed home page and with cool UI/UX design techniques that you can mirror for your own casino website designs.