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Web Development Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss

Keeping up with all the changes and advances in computer languages and tools can be a hard time for web developers. In the beginning, visiting specialized online forums or following the right subreddits can be enough. However, as you become more proficient, you learning demands increase as well. Therefore, visiting a real-life web development conference… Read More »

Tips for Speeding up Your Website

With so many great web developers out there, building a website has become available and affordable to a lot of people. Starting your own website is a great business move, whether you intended it as a support for your business, or a business solution in itself. However, unfortunately, just having a website is not enough… Read More »

Top Gambling Websites in 2018

Gambling has been present in our history for a long time, stretching back to the Paleolithic period. Gambling plays an important part in human history and was also banned in many countries at different times. Today, gambling is omnipresent and everyone indulges in it, if not many times, then at least once in their lifetimes.… Read More »

The Best WordPress Themes for Gambling Sites

WordPress has become ever so popular, mostly due to having many free themes for websites and because it is remarkably easy to setup and install, up to the point where anybody can do it even without reading any tutorials prior to the setup. WordPress is available everywhere and works great for many kinds of sites,… Read More »

Best Web Design Practices in 2018

Web design has been a prominent way of earning money ever since the internet became available globally. There are many sites which are great examples of web design but likewise, there are the ones which are exactly the opposite. Avoiding critical mistakes when designing a website is crucial. With the following tips, you should be… Read More »