How to Become a Web Designer

By | 10 September 2018

Being a web designer is a nice job which can be both a solitary one or a team-oriented. The job pays well and is great for those who love organizing stuff and have an artistic side to them. Becoming a web designer, however, takes some skill and it is often that a good start can get you further if you have a good foundation. That also implies avoiding some mistakes that upcoming web designers tend to make. Following these tips can help you on your way to becoming a web designer.

·        The Basics – Code

Every web designer needs to start somewhere, and most should get educated on what they need to know and what their job requires them to know. Some would direct web designers towards HTML and CSS, Javascript. These programming languages are considered necessities when it comes to web design.

Note that there is a difference between a web designer and developer. The developers focus on the back end of a site, making sure its engine runs smoothly which in turn, enables the designers to focus on the front end, the visuals, plugins, organization, content, layout. Communication between the two is essential and therefore, knowing a bit of PHP is also recommended, as that enables the designer to understand the limits of the site’s engine, therefore knowing what to expect and how to communicate with the developer.

·        The Basics – Design

While having a background in coding and programming languages can really help you in becoming a web designer, knowing what to do afterwards is just as important. Firstly, the term design comes to mind, where you need to focus on the site’s layout, its colors, contrast, optimization and content emphasis.

The user should have a clear picture of what your site is intended for and should not be distracted by various possible elements like bad color choices or terrible optimization or out of place objects.

·        Education

When it comes to learning, getting educated is always a good way to jump-start your way to becoming great at something. In this case, you have a plethora of choices. As IT has become present everywhere, there are design courses on many universities everywhere. If you do not want to commit to a couple of years at a university, you can always take online courses, many of which offer certificates.

·        Establish Yourself

Once you learn what you need to create and design a site, you will need to build your own brand. Having many successfully made sites under your belt and a list of happy clients will definitely help. Having your own site with many examples of your work, your own site being such an example, is a way of showing that you mean business.

Get to know your field of study before you start learning things you shouldn’t. Having knowledge about code, albeit not all the programming languages, helps. Knowing all the intricates of designing a site is definitely a thing you should focus on, as well as getting educated, whether at a university or an online course.