The Best Sports Betting Plugins

By | 15 June 2018

Betting has always been a thing and has been present in human history for many centuries. Today, betting is much more present and easier to access due to the internet and you can bet with the SBK app anytime. Regular bookmakers and casinos now have much more competition as online casinos, betting sites, bookmakers, plugins even, have started to emerge and take customers away.

Convenience, accessibility, ease of use, instant results, these are all the things that attract customers to online bookmakers. Becoming a bookmaker is one thing, it takes a lot of time, a license, capital, organization so that might too big of a challenge.

Getting a plugin, however, should be much easier than building a betting site from scratch. Here are the best sports betting plugins which you can install on your site to boost your conversion, number of visits and profit, of course.

·        BetPress

BetPress is a plugin which you can implement into a WordPress site and allows users to bet on events and compete against each other. The plugin is very versatile and very self-sufficient. The players can place their bets on bettings you have previously made. You mark which bettings are the winning ones and the system checks which user’s betting slip is a winning one.

The plugin simulates how actual bookmakers like Bet365 or a similar one works. The difference here is that people do not play with real money but points. The points can be sold via PayPal for real money, you being able to set restrictions. Decimal, moneyline and fractional odd types are supported.

The plugin can be setup to update its information from any third-party provider, but by default, it updates the data from the Betclic API. The good thing is that the plugin won’t break down or mess up your site if something goes wrong with Betclic’s API, or the access becomes restricted.

·        FA Sport Odds

This is a must have plugin for any site that deals with sports or has a sport-oriented theme. It’s a simple widget that can display up to two different leagues per widget, for example the Roland Garros or Wimbledon for tennis or the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga. There is no limit as to how many widgets you can place on your site. They are customizable when it comes to their color, background and size.

There are over 30 sports in their feed, from Soccer to Ice Hockey and even some niche ones like Hurling, Curling, Beach Handball and even e-sports. The selection of sports makes the widget adaptable to any site which is sport-related.

These two plugins have everything you need to make your site much more appealing to customers who indulge in betting and sports odds. Even those who are not prone to betting will enjoy having sports odds to have another perspective on their favorite team.

They are easy to install and maintain and offer you both the sports odds and the ability to play betting games for fun or even money. You can customize the plugins and adapt them to your own sporty needs.