The Best WordPress Themes for Gambling Sites

By | 19 August 2018

WordPress has become ever so popular, mostly due to having many free themes for websites and because it is remarkably easy to setup and install, up to the point where anybody can do it even without reading any tutorials prior to the setup. WordPress is available everywhere and works great for many kinds of sites, from blogs to shops and even online casinos.

Setting up a legal gambling site and offering valuable online promo at William Hill, however, does require a lot more than just a good theme. If you were to make a blog, you can skip everything except the theme. A good site requires a good theme and here are some of the best gambling themes for WordPress that you can find out there:


This theme is intended for those people who plan on implementing a lottery game or linking to sites which offer actual lottery tickets. The many pros of this theme include its responsive design on many platforms, from mobile to desktop and everything in between.

The design is really simple yet really eye-catching and can take you to the product in one click, as well as listing many blog entries, right from the homepage. The administrator part of the theme is very detailed and allows for various levels of customization.


This theme is perfect for casino affiliates or people who plan on offering featured games. Demos can easily be installed and available straight from the home page. Speaking of which, it has a very attractive slider which can highlight the most important content and really set the stage for conversions.

The theme is very responsive and optimized to be perfectly displayed on every platform. It has a lifetime price and is available on unlimited domains once you purchase it. It is worth noting that you get all the theme files including the .po file which enables you to easily translate the site into any language. It is easy to install and requires no plugins.

Sportsbook Affiliate Theme

This theme has everything a sports lover wants. You can easily capture the news feed and display it on the site. Any sports site wants to be up to date with the current events, especially if you plan on making a betting site, or an affiliate betting site. Giving advice to people is also possible, as this theme can certainly be turned into a blog and having access to news which can easily be on your homepage is always beneficial in sports-related themes. Needless to say, the theme is optimized and is a one-time payment.

Knowing how these themes can enhance your site should make your choice that much easier, especially if you are focused on sports and gambling.