Web Development Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss

By | 28 March 2019

Keeping up with all the changes and advances in computer languages and tools can be a hard time for web developers. In the beginning, visiting specialized online forums or following the right subreddits can be enough. However, as you become more proficient, you learning demands increase as well.

Therefore, visiting a real-life web development conference can really give you a boost and possibly help you push beyond the learning plateau that so many web developers experience. Here is a list of web conferences that you should definitely not miss.

DevNexus (Atlanta, GA)

DevNexus features a large number of topics and speakers that you should definitely not miss. Every year, experts from some of the most successful IT companies in the world attend this conference and share their knowledge with the audience. Some topics that you can expect include frameworks, architecture, performance, security, as well as microservices.

RSA Conference (San Francisco, CA)

Security on the internet is a growing problem that is worrying users but developers as well. As hackers are honing their abilities to breach security protocols, so you should keep learning how to make them stronger. You will be able not only to familiarize yourself with the latest security technology but also participate in workshops and receive credentials which might boost your career.

deliver:Agile (Austin, TX)

As the name suggests, Agile tools, as well as UX, DevOps, and cloud computing will be the main topics that you can hear at this conference. If you decide to attend, you will be able to get new skills regarding Agile engineering, but also interact with like-minded developers.

google-io (Mountain View, CA)

Not much needs to be said about this conference, as the name of it speaks for itself. This is one of the biggest Google’s events, featuring great speakers that you will have a lot to learn from. Moreover, you will be able to see new products and participate in technical sessions. So, head to California and do not miss it.

DockerCon (San Francisco, CA)

Learning from a great speaker at a web development conference is a great opportunity. However, some people respond better to a hands-on approach. This year, DockerCon will make this possible and add more practical training for the participants. If you decide to come, you will be able to go through training and earn certifications, but also listen to speakers about Windows container security, integrating legacy apps with Docker, and leveraging Docker for microservices.

Microsoft Inspire (Las Vegas, NV)

If you love Las Vegas, this is another reason for you to visit it. Las Vegas is known to be splashy and that is why Microsoft decided this city was the perfect place to hold their conference. If you want to test your skills in business leadership, this is definitely the place where you should be. However, even if you are not, you can still visit it for the show and increase your knowledge about Azure.

DeveloperWeek (San Francisco, CA)

DeveloperWeek usually brings focus to the newest web development technologies that you should stay up to date with. Some of the topics at the conference include blockchain, JavaScript, AI, and a lot more. Prepare something to take notes from great speakers that enrich this conference each year.

If you are interested in web development and ways in which you can substantially increase your knowledge and improve your skills in different areas, these are only some of the beneficial conferences that you should visit. However, they are a good start for all newbie and experienced web devs, so make sure you do not miss them.