Why Is It Important to Have Responsive Web Design for Gambling Sites?

By | 13 November 2018

In the last several years, online gambling has been maintaining a steady upward trajectory. Gamblers are not accessing gambling websites only on their PCs anymore. On the contrary, they are using more and more devices for that purpose. Because of that, responsive web design is a must for gambling sites if they want to maintain a steady revenue. A website should load quickly and equally well on PC, tablet, smartphones, regardless of screen size. This is not only relevant to the gambling sites but all others that point to them as well. For example, this site that offers the Caesars Casino bonus code also needs to be optimized for all devices if it wants to attract customers.

A responsive design will only have one source code to maintain and one logic to use and it will in that way save money and time for both parties. However, adaptable screen size is not the only thing that determines how responsive a website’s design is and not the only benefits. Here are some other reasons why responsive web design is important for gambling sites.

Improved Performance

If a website’s design is capable of adjusting itself to suit the device that it is being viewed on at the moment, it means that it will maximize performance rates for that device. Viewing a website on a mobile phone but loading a PC version of a website would be frustrating and inefficient for the user. Therefore, improved site performance means positive experience which further means regular users who keep coming back.

Proper Interaction

The menus on your website, various buttons, animations, images, and various files respond differently when viewed on a PC and on a mobile device or a tablet. Therefore, a responsive web design will ensure that the interaction between the user and various function of a website is maintained. This is especially important for gambling websites which rely on customers’ action to secure revenue rather than just on views.

It Saves Time and Money

Building a website with responsive design is not easy and it is definitely not cheap. However, it pays off in the long run. The alternative to having a responsive web design is building a mobile version of a website. That ends up being even more expensive and it takes more time to develop, incorporate, and maintain.

It Increases Conversion Rates

Conversion on a gambling website means that a customer will create an account, make a deposit, and place a bet. Responsive web design significantly increases the chances of this happening. If your website does not work on the device that the customer uses, they will be unwilling or unable to make a conversion. Young adults are the majority of gambling websites’ customers nowadays and most of them use their mobile devices to access the internet. Therefore, you would be losing on a large portion of the audience if your website does not perform well on these devices.

As you can see, the general importance of having a responsive web design is clear. It is even clearer when we consider such a solution for gambling sites which rely on interaction with their customers. Don’t let this slip on you and think about it before building your website.